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September 17, 2009

Cancerous mole pictures

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note: This part is not recommendable for kids and people with weak nerves.

These photos are just samples of some typical melanoma cases in different phases. As the melanoma develops from melanocytes it could appear anywhere where are melanocytes. The melanocytes are not only in the skin. The melanocytes could be found in the eyes, in the inner ear, bones etc.

As we already see there are some signals to detect skin cancer. Sohere you can see an example of abnormal mole:

Abnormal Mole

Abnormal Mole

As you can see this is an asymmetrical mole with different colors and size bigger than 6mm

In the early stage melanoma does not look scary of disgusting. It just looks like a strange spot or mole.

Early stage Melanoma

Early stage Melanoma

In this stage the melanoma is curable. That is so important to check your moles regularly.

As we already said the melanoma could appear anywhere where are the melanocytes. This is an example of melanoma in the eye

Melanoma in the eye

Melanoma in the eye

Melanoma could appear also in the mouth. It is not unusual to have a mole on the lips or even in the mouth.

Melanoma in the mouth

Melanoma in the mouth


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